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Q. Trip to Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie and Vaishno Devi

Asked by Amogh Pai on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Answers

Hey m planning to have a family trip covering Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Badrinath and Vaishno Devi; can any suggest me how to route the trip ?
I would be starting from Lucknow ....

Thanks in advance

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Ans. by bpbhatHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 16 Jul, 2011

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You have not given anything in your Profile page. Hence from your question, I assume that
(a) You have not traveled much;
(b) You have done some research on your Badri trip.
With this assumptions, I would like to advice you as under:

Your question can be sub-divided into two questions. The first one is your trip to Badrinath. @Hem Bhandari has guided you well. No more explanation is required on that.

The second one is your trip to Vaishno Devi. Most of the time, we try to club many places in a single trip, going by the themes (say Dwadash Jyotirling). But it is always better to club the places not by themes but by their geographical locations.

You see, Katra (Vaishnodevi) to Badri is almost 950km; Haridwar is 600km and Lucknow is 1100 km. Hence it becomes meaningless to club Badri along with Vaishnodevi trip.

Make a second trip to Vaishnodevi. Start from Lucknow to New Delhi in any mode of transport. From Delhi, as you are going with family, hire a taxi, and go to Vaishnodevi. There are plenty of places worth a visit on this Delhi-Vaishnodevi route along NH1. You can see those places during your onward journey. On the return journey, you can take a left turn at Pathankot towards Shimla and see many other places.

There are plenty of places which are historically, religiously, architecturally, and socially important. As you are visiting Haridwar, Mussoorie etc in your Badri trip, you can visit places like Kurukshetra, Amritsar, Shimla etc in your Vaishnodevi trip.

You may also go thru the related questions on both Badri as well as Vaishnodevi.

If you have any further doubts, raise the issue here again.

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Ans. by Hem BhandariHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 14 Jul, 2011

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Hi Amogh:U can cover Lucknow-Delhi[Train-Many options>,Delhi-Haridwar[12017-Shatabdi>,Haridwar-Dehradun[By same train/Taxi/Bus-many options>,D'Dun-Mussorie[Ur
hired taxi for return to Haridwar after completing Badrinath>,Mussorie-Rishikesh,via Dhanolti,Chamba,Narendra Nagar,by hired Taxi,Rishikesh-Badrinath{Long Stretch} by hired Taxi via

For return use same hired Taxi to reach Haridwar.From Haridwar to Delhi Shatabdi and Delhi- Lucknow by any of
tha available train options.
Have a nice trip.

Hem Bhandari
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Ans. by Chopta honymoon on 18 Jul, 2011

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Dear Amogh ji

Wish you HAPPY TRIP for Haridwar

Here I Suggest First you shuld come Haridwar and get Holy Ganga Deep after that you may start next

Here many Tourist point waiting you . more detail you can visit wwww.uttaratourism.com for Uttarakhand tour information

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Thank you for Answering this Question. Your advice will help

For your convenience, here is the question asked by Amogh Pai

Hey m planning to have a family trip covering Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Badrinath and Vaishno Devi; can any suggest me how to route the trip ?
I would be starting from Lucknow ....

Thanks in advance
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