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Q. Visiting pondy need info

Asked by monica on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 Answers

planing to visit pondy in april. pls guide how to reach from chennai? will it be good to take train to vellupuram how to go from vellupuram to pondy?
how many days would be good to explore? Any specialities about pondy?
Last if anyone can guide wud like to go to kodai from here??
pls guide budget hotels at both places



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Ans. by Anisa Pereira on 08 Apr, 2011

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Hi Monica

For accommodations in Pondicherry please click here. Cheers
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30 Mar, 2011 monica replied

Thanks so much to everyone who has responded to my query it will be of great help.
However anything specific of pondy like, perfumes, spices, handicraft or something else.

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Ans. by sandjivy on 30 Mar, 2011

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Welcome to Pondicherry, April is pretty hot here in Pondy, there is a bus for every 15 min from Chennai to Pondicherry, there is a AC bus which just takes less then 3 hours to reach pondy and the fare is Rs. 170/- the super delux bus is Rs. 95/- and the fare for the normal prices are Rs. 55/- (ECR) and Rs. 53/- (NH-45) and the maximum travel time is 4 hours. There is one direct train from chennai to pondy but it is not worth it, it takes so much time and puts your patience to real test, it does not have a reservation compartment. Pondicherry is a small place and these days it is crowded and has a traffic problem, you can rent a bike without by producing a copy of your driving licence and it would cost around Rs. 200/-, it will hardly take around a day or two to explore pondy, again it depends on what you expect from the visit, if it is just pure fun, you will need just 2 days, if it is spiritual than you have a yoga retreat for like 10 days, anywere you turn around you have decent hotels and would cost anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500/- you have the option of staying in Auroville or Ashram guest houses which are very neat and clean and gives you a different atmosphere, but for this advance booking may be required. From pondy, you can visit Chidambaram, Gingee and Picthavaram, these places are a two hour journey and worth visiting. Regarding Kodaikanal, there are not direct buses or trains from Pondy. You can hire a cab or you can board a train from Villupuram junction which is 40 Km from pondicherry to the nearest railway station of kodaikanal. Pondy is a special place, the people, the french culture and the ashram, we used to have a very beautiful coast line which has been destoryed now, the road side shops offers designer wear at a very nominal prices, you will have to bargain, you have a variety of resturants and bars and they don't make a hole in you pocket. If you have a huge budget you can stay in Dunes in the beach and it will be a great.
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Ans. by Dr.Karnam on 29 Mar, 2011

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Hello there
Chennai to Pondy- 2 ways by road(buses available round the clock from Koyambedu in chennai),dont come by the train...its lousy
First, by the East coast road which is scenic as it runs along the coast line
Second, by the National Highway No:45 which runs parallel to the East Coast Road(commonly called the ECR),safer to travel by road as its one way traffic unlike the ECR!
If you wanna travel by bus/cab by night then use the NH45, else use the ECR
I make trips to kodaikanal as i have been there many times. I usually drive to kodaikanal. Let me know how long you plan to be in pondy and when you plan to go to kodaikanal.

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Ans. by Somak on 29 Mar, 2011

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You will get a lot of buses from Chennai to Pondi. That is the best option.
3 days is sufficient to see Pondi. Attractions are seashore, Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville.
Anandham Residency, Ram International, etc. are good hotels.
Kodaikanal to Pondicherry is 385 kms and is not the best possible route. You can plan Yercaud which is a nice hillstation near Salem.
Hope this helps.
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Thank you for Answering this Question. Your advice will help

For your convenience, here is the question asked by monica

planing to visit pondy in april. pls guide how to reach from chennai? will it be good to take train to vellupuram how to go from vellupuram to pondy?
how many days would be good to explore? Any specialities about pondy?
Last if anyone can guide wud like to go to kodai from here??
pls guide budget hotels at both places


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