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Q. Trip to North East with family

Asked by Piyush Shah on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8 Answers

We are three families with very young kids and want to spend a nice peaceful weak in the north east. We do not want to trek, but want more simple stuff like good sight seeing. Please help with recommendations on which of the seven states we should visit? We plan to be there somewhere in April or May 2011.

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Ans. by MicalMulan on 25 Feb, 2011

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North East consists of seven sister states. All of them very picturesque, very calm. I traveled with my family via a north east package from to Darjeeling and others and simply lived the time of my life there.
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Ans. by MicalMulan on 10 Feb, 2011

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Hi Piyush,

The places that you can visit in and around North East are Sikkim, Assam, Gangtok, Megahlaya etc. I suggest you to choose any online travel package, as they cover whole package include destination sightseeing, adventurous activity, hotels, etc.
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Dear Mr.Shah,
I suggest you visit Meghalaya first, for which you can book 2nghts trip at Ri Kynjai resort near Shillong which arranges for your pickup & drop from Guwahati airport and sight seeing to Cherapunjee etc. Then you can come down to Kaziranga about 200km from Guwahati and stay in peaceful resorts like Landmark woods or Iowra or Wild grass for 2nghts & return back via Dibrugarh airport (200 km frm Kaziranga) which have direct connection to Delhi & Kolkata.
Dr.Bj Borkakoty
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Ans. by Dinesh Sonar on 24 Jan, 2011

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Respected Sir,
This is Mr. Dinesh Gajmer here from Sikkim Gangtok Sikkim. Sir, we are running our Hotel at Sikkim Gangtok Named: Hotel Heruka & Operating Package tour for Darjeeling/Sikkim.

As per your Requirement to visit North East the Darjeeling/Sikkim is the Best Place for your Pleasure Holidays.

Sir, we are Offering 06N/05Days Darjeeling/Sikkim Tour Package at Rs: 7'800/= Only Per.

For further discussion, Please contact soon, I Assure you to give well Services from Our side ever,

Thanks & Regards.

Mr. Dinesh Gajmer
Hotel Heruka
Deorali, Near Pvt Taxi Stand Gangtok Sikkim
Contact no: 0900 290 8510
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Ans. by akdcts on 18 Jan, 2011

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The best states to visit which also have reasonably good infrastructure are Sikkim, Assam and Megahlaya. if you are adventorous, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland are also good places, but with small children , it might be difficult. I suggest either Sikkim. You can start at Gangtok and visit North Sikkim or go to South and West Sikkim districts before returning to the plains.
Alternatively , another good trip would be to go to Guwahati and Kamakhsya and then trips to Shillong and Kazirhanga. These places have good infrastructure and will be easy to organise with small children. However North Sikkim may be a strenuous with children unless they are used to travel.

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Ans. by Somik Ranjan Roy on 18 Jan, 2011

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Arunachal Pradesh (Tawang via Bomdila and Sela Pass) - Pristine beauty and Meghalaya (Shillong and nearby places - Its called Scotland of the East). The two states are peaceful, beautiful and local people involved with tourism are helpful.
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Ans. by TravelhimachalHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 03 Feb, 2011

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You should plan for Darjeeling and Sikkim. The place is beautiful and you can visit various places of sight seeing.

For more info you can log on to


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Ans. by tajinternational on 02 Feb, 2011

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Dear Mr. Piyushji,
Greetins Taj International Travels!!!
We are a reputed travel agency in Agra we can arrange your trip please give us your udget and the ages of the kids so that we can plan your trip u can email us on or call us at 0562-2230377 or at 09997021513

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We are three families with very young kids and want to spend a nice peaceful weak in the north east. We do not want to trek, but want more simple stuff like good sight seeing. Please help with recommendations on which of the seven states we should visit? We plan to be there somewhere in April or May 2011.
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