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Q. Best time to visit Manali

Asked by Prabhat Chaturvedi on Tuesday, June 08, 2010

8 Answers

Hi, which is the best time to go to Manali, when we can watch snow fall? And also it is safe.

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Manali in Himachal Pradesh

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Ans. by avadhut on 11 Oct, 2011

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i am planning to visit manali in december (end) but the hotel prices are to high .. .. so i am wondering if i go in end of JAnuary instead of december - would it matter? would the hotel costs be lower @ end of january ?
does anyone know?
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16 Jun, 2010 Prabhat Chaturvedi replied

Thanks alot Your advice will be of great help for me to plan my trip. ThankU once again.

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Ans. by karthikHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 16 Jun, 2010

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Manali Situated in the central parts of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is at the head of the Kullu valley, 280 km north of the state capital Shimla and 108 km from Mandi. Manali is perched at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level and is spread along the banks of the river Beas. In winters, the temperature can drop below freezing point when heavy woolens are required. Summer temperatures are mild and light woolens/cottons are recommended. In Manali, one can find high mountains shrouded by silent snows and deep boulder strewn gorges. There are thick forests, filled with cool breezes and bird song. There are fields of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets and fruit-laden orchards, especially apples.

But best time 2 visit was december,January and febrauary!

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Ans. by karthikHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 12 Jun, 2010

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Manali has a cool climate all through the year. Summers (March to June) are very pleasant with temperatures ranging between 12°C and 25°C. Winters (November to February) are chilly with minimum goes down well below 3°C and maximum never crossing 14°C. Heavy snowfalls are common during winters. Monsoons offer very less rainfall during July to August.

Best time to visit this hill station is any time of the year. Winters is good for winter skiing. Make sure that winter woolen clothes are kept with you while touring, especially during January. Rohtang pass is open only in July and August

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Ans. by anjalinegi33 on 09 Jun, 2010

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well any time is great time at Manali.May june till 15 july is top season,u see lots of tourist,well its just day back when had snow fall at Rhotang Pass and till today at time of reply road is closed to rhotang due to frest snow fall. latr july,aug and sept is rainy season , excellent time for trekkers,Oct Nov is festival season famous Kullu Dushera Depawali,dec jan feb is winter time ,may see snow fall at any time,mostly its in late dec or early jan,but u cant predict nature. march its little cold need sweaters and again may top tourist season.Manali is a safe tourist destination. now u can judge the time which suits u.hope to see u soon at manali
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Ans. by Bob SymnHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 09 Jun, 2010

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May-June to escape the scorching heat and Dec-Jan to enjoy snowfall :))
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Ans. by Atul Asthana on 09 Jun, 2010

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Well,I visited Manali in the month of December(9th December).As soon as i entered my Hotel Room,heavy snowfall started.It continues for the next 3 days(non-stop).We really enjoyed a lot.
So, i would suggest u to visit manali in winters so that u could enjoy snowfall.
May to July is the best season to visit manali see apple orchard.

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Ans. by Mukesh MiyanHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 09 Jun, 2010

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If snowfall is your main motive, then Dec-Feb is the time when you can expect snowfall.

Manali is a safe destination to visit. It may be bit difficult during rainy season.
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For your convenience, here is the question asked by Prabhat Chaturvedi

Hi, which is the best time to go to Manali, when we can watch snow fall? And also it is safe.
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