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Q. Best way to reach Agra from Delhi

Asked by Deeptha on Thursday, July 19, 2007

6 Answers

Hi Folks, What would be the most comfortable/quick mode of travel to reach Agra from Delhi? I also wanted info on budget hotels in Agra. Will be spending a night there. Thanks Deeptha

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Ans. by Maneck on 30 Jul, 2007

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Hi deeptha, Shatabdi Express is a good and comfortable way of travelling by train to agra from delhi, then there is TAJ express and if you are the adventerous type you can just take a unreserved ticket and try to get a seat in the unreserved compartment, thats the most economical way. The other way is driving as Agra is just 190 kms and the most conservative driver also takes around 3-4 hrs to reach from delhi if u leave early morning. The maximum no. of hotels are on fatehbad road.
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Ans. by Anshu Sharma on 25 Jul, 2007

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HI Deeptha....There are many trains between Delhi and Agra, but the most suitable and confortable is Shatabdi Express which departs Delhi at 0600 Hrs and reach Agra at 0810 Hrs.... if you wanna travel by surface this is also a good option as Delhi / Agra highway is very good.... regarding hotels....Agra has N no. of options....there are good 5 stars like Mughal shereton / Taj View etc if you are looking for budget hotel...then you can stay at Yamuna View / Atithi / Utkarsh Vilas etc.......
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Ans. by Adventuremaniac on 25 Jul, 2007

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Well going by car is also not such a bad idea coz it would just take you about 3-4 hrs. As far as the hotels are concerned you could find a lot of guest houses thr. U need not check into a hotel as it might just not be worth it.
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20 Jul, 2007 Deeptha replied

Thank you Pooja and Deepika
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Ans. by Deepika on 20 Jul, 2007

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If u r looking fastest way of traveling..obviously a flight is the way to Go. However, u can also take Bhopal Shtbdi leav del 6:15 reach Agra 8:12, TAJ EXP- HNIZ 7:15-Agra Cant 10:00; MAHAKOSHAL EXP-HNZM 16:10-AGRA CANT 19:17. Not much idea abt hotls. Some other member has to chip in to help u on this. Thanks
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Ans. by poojaalld on 20 Jul, 2007

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there are many trains that can take u to agra in shortest time...according to ur timings ,u can check the indianrail for the best suitable train
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Hi Folks, What would be the most comfortable/quick mode of travel to reach Agra from Delhi? I also wanted info on budget hotels in Agra. Will be spending a night there. Thanks Deeptha
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