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"I played all over in the marvels of the wonder world, but here, with my two eyes, I saw the splendors of the Paradise."- Rabindra Nath Tagore, Dalhousie, 1873. Dalhousie, nestling in the outer slopes of Dhaulandhar range, is an excellence hill station. It is known for its bracing climate and picturesque scenery. Standing at the foot of the spectacular Dhaula Dhar range of the Himalayas, sprawled over five hills – Kathlog, Portrevn, Moti Tibba, Bakrota and Balun, Dalhousie is noted for the magnificence of its scenery, Dalhousie was, in the British era, a sort of " second string" hill station mainly used by people who lived in Lahore. It was acquired from the Raja of Chamba by the British and was named after Lord Dalhousie+ more about Dalhousie

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birdsnchirps on 04 Dec 2010

Hi fellow travellers: As I live in Dalhousie, I would like to aprise you of certain things about this place. As per my experience, after interacting with a lot of travellers I have seen they are usually under equipped with warm clothings and medicines. Weather in Dalhousie takes a turn to extremes in very little time. Mostly, people coming from the plains are not aware that it can rain without any warning because of the location of this hill station. Usually, I have noticed people coming here and walking about in their summer clothes as if to challenge the weather. My advise is that you should cover yourself properly while here or you may feel sick the next day. Not many doctors on duty here, so getting medical care or attention may not be something immediate or even possible when needed. For this reason, I would suggest that if you are on certain medications that have either been prescribed to you by a physician or a specialist, you must carry those in abundance with you. Bye

The Hesitant Traveller on 01 Oct 2009

For more detailed review and experinces, read my travelogue "The Dalhousie Travelogue" http://www.oktatabyebye.com/travelogues/955-Himachal_PradeshslashThe_Dalhousie_Travelogue.html

The Hesitant Traveller on 01 Oct 2009

Best time to visit is from April to October. Take your digital camera along, and if possible, handy cam too. Don't worry about shopping or food; there are no good options there except for a few shops and few restaurants. This place is ideal for nature lovers and trekkers (and people who love to go on walks). Make sure you visit Khajjiar and the Chamera dam site. Carry a mat/sheet for khajjiar as it can be a good picnic spot on a sunny day. Roads are good, but no / poor transport options other than taxi - which is very expensive.

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A view of Kalatop sanctuary

A view of Kalatop sanctuary

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