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Vajreshwari, 90 km from Mumbai, lies in the Thane district of Maharashtra. The destination is renowned as a spiritual centre and health resort due to the presence of the temple of Goddess Vajreshwari and hot water springs that is believed to have healing powers.
The town, earlier known as Vadvali was renamed Vajreshwari in honour of the Goddess. There are multiple folklores explaining the legend of Vajreshwari. It is believed that the Vajreshwari temple marks the site where the left breast of Sati Parvati had fallen. Another belief is that when Lord Indra hurled a thunderbolt or ‘Vajra’ at sage Vashishta, the one who swallowed it came to be known as Vajreshwari. Also believed is that the one who entered Indra’s

‘Vajra’ to slay demon ‘Kalikat’ is known as Vajreshwari.
Vajreshwari is mentioned in the ancient ‘Puranas’ or holy book of the Hindus as a place blessed by the footsteps of Lord Rama and Lord Parashuram. Legend has it that Lord Parashuram performed a ‘yagna’ or fire offering and the hills of volcanic ash in Vajreshwari are its residue. But according to scientists, the presence of sulphur, due to the volcanic history of the place, is responsible for the healing powers of the hot water springs in Tansa river bed.

For accommodation, resorts and hotels are available in plenty near the Vajreshwari temple and the hot water springs. Also one can also avail a number of accommodations near Vasai and Thane.

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