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Posted on: Wednesday , May 11, 2011 At 10:08 AM

Back In Kolkata




This is to inform all my friends that we have completed our trip: Kolkata-Kanyakumari-Kashmir-Kolkata.

We returned to Kolkata on Saturday, May 7 - exactly three months after we had begun this long journey. We travelled nearly 19,000 kms in 18 states and five Union Territories. It was a tough but wonderful trip and a huge learning experience.

I must thank all my friends, whom I knew before and those I met during the journey, for their support and encouragement without which this dream trip would have remained unaccomplished. Indeed, we received help from complete strangers and often in remote places. Motorcycle riders from many cities took time off from their busy schedule to meet us and offer help. Our readers provided us with the much required words of support and encouragement. We will always remain grateful to you.

Arduous as it was, this journey did not give us time and leave adequate energy to write in detail about our experiences and on the places we visited. I will do this in the coming days.



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Posted on: Thursday , May 05, 2011 At 20:41 PM

Khajuraho: Woman, Together





The sculptures at Khajuraho depict only one part of a woman’s life.May be the Chandella kings, who commissioned those temples and sculptures, whished so.

Also there is not much variety and same or similar themes repeat themselves in all the temples.

I have read some books, which say erotic sculptures are found not inside the temples but only on their outside walls. The devotees must leave their worldly passions behind and only then appear before the gods, they suggest. That is not true. We have seen erotic sculptures inside Kandariya-Mahadeva temple and the Lakshmana temple.    


Together: Khajuraho

People come from all over the world to see Khajuraho. Oh! This, then is Kama Sutra, they say.

The truth is that less than 10 per cent of the sculptures at Khajuraho are  erotic in nature. As I have said earlier, a lot more eroticism is found at the Sun temple at Konarak and the Jagannath temple in Puri.

See what is there at Khajuraho:



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Posted on: Tuesday , May 03, 2011 At 22:53 PM






We have reached Khajuraho. We started quite early from Gwalior today. But the road was in an awful state from Gwalior to Jhansi. After Jhansi it improved a little bit.

We were late to see the temples. We had to stop frequently because of the heat. It is killing us. In the hotel, the AC couldn’t cool the room and it seemed we were inside a blast furnace. The heat radiation was unbearable. At 9 pm we shifted to a ground floor room, which is marginally better. It doesn’t face sun light directly. It has no AC. But still it is much better.

We visited the western group of temples. But we were late. The closing time is 6.30 pm and we entered the campus at 5.50. Tomorrow morning I plan to see the temples. we will also change the hotel. We have identified one, which is just opposite the temples. The rooms are damp. Good for us.

We are feeling genuinely weak now. My legs have lost all strength. Pat, physically and mentally, is in a sorry state. We didn’t face such heat even in Rajasthan and Gujarat. I wonder how people live in such places.  

One word before I end. It is a misconception that Khajuraho is all about erotic sculptures. They are there. But they are insignificant compared to what we see at Konarak and Puri. I am seeing  really disappointed faces among the tourists – both local and those from abroad.

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