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India In 17 Days

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Posted on: Friday , Oct 12, 2007 At 14:20 PM


If you're visiting this for the first time, this is a good place to start.

All through, you would encounter names such as O, Oneiro, Oneirodynic, SF, Sleepyface, Vishnu or Vishnupriya. All these are just two people, both of whom are named Vishnu.

While one of the Vishnus is referred to as O, Oneiro, Oneirodynic or Vishnu itself, the narrator, me, is SF, Sleepyface, or Vishnu, depending on the context.

Right! Now, that you've got it right, start right at the bottom of this page (for the first post), and, well, wish you happy reading! :)

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Posted on: Thursday , Oct 11, 2007 At 14:31 PM

Day 17: Bangalore Calls

We were so happy that the next destination was Bangalore! We surely were missing it. The filter coffee, work, friends, masala dosa, Kannada, boy! You just don’t know how much we were missing Bangalore towards the end of the trip.

Two young boys full of enthusiasm boarded the auto to the airport and gleefully awaited the boarding call.

So, India, there!

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Posted on: Thursday , Oct 11, 2007 At 14:30 PM

Day 16: Filth Eclipses Pleasantness

If someone had said all good things would come to an end on this day, I would’ve given a pat on the lad’s shoulder (kiss on the cheek, if it were to be lass) and said, I agree with you. You’ll know why at the end of this post.

Shillong bade us good bye, but not before making us spend more than hour in the ill-fated bus, with which problems began even before we got in. The driver’s 1000hrs was IST 1200hrs. Spits flew hither, thither and wither. (If you thought people spit everywhere only in Delhi, wait till you visit Meghalaya or Guwahati. Spitting is a birth right which you can exercise at any public place, in front of anyone, if you’re in Meghalaya or Guwahati. Don’t be surprised if someone spits right on your foot by mistake and wouldn’t apologize). A guy threw up and refused to clean. People in the bus were too slow even to react or abuse the guy who threw up and refused to clean. A lorry fell down in one of the ghat sections while overtaking, holding up traffic for more than 2 hours. This paragraph outlines how we spent 7 hours which was supposed to be 3 hours. But this only outlines. It was horrible.

And finally after what seemed an eternity, the familiar filthy bus stand Guwahati had to offer arrived. We simply got down and got in at the nearest decent looking hotel. Sixth floor room was the destination.

I think it was too pleasant at Shillong and the journey back as we couldn’t take the “not so pleasant” and the “not so clean” bus stand and surrounding places. We saw the spits and the unclean things around and carried that image into the hotel room. We decided not to come out of the room except for checking out and that’s precisely what we did.

It was the books that caught our attention until we let the books down and pulled the blankets up.


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